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uuuuuuhhgggghhh someone come and kiss me


"Peachy and Twinkles make a new friend" <3

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v-v-victoria asked: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? *-*

no b/c i landed on my soft bum


Pony | Genuwine

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cool gender neutral dating terms


1. datemate
2. kissfriend
3. lovebud
4. smoochcutie
5. romfriend (like romantic get it)
6. my person
7. favorite friend
8. the datemeister
9. commitmentbuddy
10. coolperson

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this is how i browse the internet 75% of the time like i’m about to let out a big fart or something i am weird

pocoaa asked: What do you do for a living? Like are you a doctor, a teacher etc...? I'm just really curious. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I love your blog soso much btw :)

i’m a sexy nurse at pokemon center

luv u mom

why does my mom still look at my blog tho

let’s do dis