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90% of the time my mom is crying

i don’t even feel anything when i see her crying anymore that is how much it happens

it’s like a part of daily life or something idek

17 notes

  1. moonarama said: my mom saw me a week ago including an intimate dinner even with my brother who usually never even talks but she’s been calling me every day this week since then (yeah also sometimes i’m like idk if yr totally out of meno phase yet)
  2. mossy-pussy said: my mom never used to cry but then got menopause and now she cries a lot more. but i also got a bf and stopped living at home pretty much and that makes her cry too so.. it depends if ur mom used to cry a lot or not
  3. aimaina-kanpeki said: My mom cries less than she used to as she gets older o_o but my dad gets less functional it seems; his depression makes him hard to deal with sometime because he is seriously such a cool guy, he just emotionally checks out sometimes
  4. creami said: i don’t remember ever seeing my mom cry ever in my entire life
  5. thejuanreyes said: Mine too
  6. dazeyearsmonths said: My mom is the same way, Commercial on tv..the worst.
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